Eduardo Simon_Sketchbook


These are three portraits of persons that had an important role in twentieth century history.
They were part of a project that finally did not develop and I have been updating them in my spare time.

They were modelled in ZBrush and rendered in Keyshot. I’m not very happy with fibermesh hair rendering in keyshot.
I tried different materials and settings and I hope I’ll get a better result in the future. If someone can give me some advice on it, it will be very welcome.

The final comps were made in photoshop.

W. Churchill.jpgE.Hemingway_.jpgMao_.jpgW.Churchill.Wireframe.jpgHemingway_Wire.jpgMAO_Wire.jpg

Where is the cover charater ?

This is one of the best Churchill portraits I have seen considering all media…

ooooo man greatttttttttttttt use of keyshot as well as using zbrushhhh job well done bravooo

Amazing work. Just beautiful! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Excellent portraits. Especially Churchill…

Churchill, why are there not leaders like him around anymore? Leaders that cared about their people, and not their pocket book. Great portrait, just amazing.

If that one is not a Top Row, I don’t know what a Top Row is

Churchill, for sure, is a blast.
No wonder that your reference picture made Mr. Yousuf Karsh famous in the world.
What an great artist!

(His life is a real refugee story)
You made a three dimensional sensation from this top notch portrait.
That’s top row.
But an extra top row for Mr. Yousuf Karsh.
Really outstanding, even though Hemmingway (Seems like Karsh made portraits of almost every important person of that time :wink: ) and Mao were excellent done too.

Good job :slight_smile:

…gallery! :sunglasses:

That’s great work. Have you tried using the metal materials in Keyshot? They can be mixed with colours or textures to give realistic hair.

Hi guys, thanks a lot for your comments. I really appreciate .

Dillster, thank you very much. I´ll try with metal materials for hair.
Knackl, thanks for the information about Yousuf Karsh.
He has a very interesting biography. I didn’t know he was the author of so many famous portraits, so thanks again for sharing the links.W. Churchill.jpg


me either. So I have to thank you in pointing me to this brilliant artist.
I guess he would be very proud seeing your excellent work.
Congrats on top row. Well deserved!


This is one of Laocoonte’s sons.
I have make some keyshot renders trying to get a material that looks like the original sculpture.
These are some images. I’ll keep trying


outstanding work.


I made this character for christmas card last year and I updated it based on a concept by J.Carlos Gomez and M.Maggi
Its a weird idea, but I hope you like it.


A nude jig-saw puzzle and a bottle of Juan Daniels :laughing:

Nobody exceeds the Spanish for such humor:+1:

this work is very cool

Hey man, I really like the quality of the skin, especially on the Churchill image. I was wondering if you could post an image of what your textures looked like and material settings. I’m having a difficult time deciding what is the optimal way to approach this in keyshot.