Eduardo S Fernandes - Le Chevalier

Hi everybody!

I’m a CG artist with focus on character creation. I’ve been working creating content for video games.
This is a recent character I’ve done. I called it Le Chevalier. Hope you like it!









You’re eye for detail is lovely, but Its a shame how geometric you left the forms. I love the character, but I think your alpha work on the cloth and such is done to hide a rigid form. at your level I would love to feel that cloth hang. Its far too rigid. really bring that organic feel to it. also the face needs some love, that beard isn’t fooling anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that its a lovely character, a couple of tweaks hear and there, maybe loosen up the pose a bit too, and you’ll have a mighty mighty piece on your hands.

nice :slight_smile:

I like the work and the attention to detail, but the matcap just doesn’t do the piece justice (IMHO) would love to see more renders nice cloth work just a diff. matcap.

Framedworld - Thanks for the comments. I agree the cloth could be more dynamic, but the details on it are meant to be, not to hide. The beard is to compose the character, in the period, the man usually wears some kind of facial hair. I really like the overall style, but I must say beard is not my specialty. I’m quite busy right now with other things so I’d call this one done, but I promise I’ll push harder on the next one!

d100763 - Thanks for the words. I’ll try to post some renders with a better shader soon.

Some more pics of the face, in detail, with and without hairs. I used a basic shader this time.


Just love the hair!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thank you, cascardi !