Eddie J.L. Christian's Sketchbook

A Keyshot rendering of the 3D printed toy I will be releasing soon. I think it’s getting close to done. Also it’s one of the first times I’ve added contact NFO to a picture. Because I want a job. :slight_smile:



A Keyshot test render of the Skull Battle Axe that I made ages ago for a Unity 3D model that I sell in their Asset Store.


Here are 2 images from a tutorial I made called “Sculpting From Inspiration”. You can find the tutorial Here: https://gum.co/TQKt?fb_ref=Default

A Class Demo I did for UArtsy:

<iframe src=“https://player.vimeo.com/video/136605491” webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder=“0” height=“281” width=“500”></iframe>
Elephant Class Demo Time-Lapse from Solo Projects Studios on Vimeo.

I took my Axe sculpture and converted it into a necklace.

Here are some shot of me learning first hand how to use the Ultimaker 2 and the Formlabs 1+

This is my first test on the Ultimaker 2

And here is a test print on the Formlabs 1+ of my Necklace


Good to see these… I have an unltimaker extended plus coming at the end of the month.

Any things you’ve discovered since these posts that would be beneficial for a new ultimaker owner?

I set up a Keyshot Render of the next test. I set the render as “Best Render within 2 Hour’s Time”. Here is the result.
The 3D printers we will be using can’t print color, So I only painted the Flat areas of color.

Some of my Latest Doodles: