-Last quick session before the latest ZBrush Core update.
-There will be a follow up with this model where i had fun with the snake hook brush but it might only be pictures …since the PC i use for editing is on a BSOD frenzy, so…yeah.
-Anyway as asual, link to the session on my YouTube Channel below.

The session :


Another awesome session @Spatule.du.Futur, like I said before I really enjoy these loose sketching recordings :wink: Can’t wait to see you experimenting with the latest update to ZBrushCore. Thanks for sharing these videos!

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Just great stuff. Can’t wait to see what you create with the new additions to ZBrushCore.

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Thank you @Jaime , @PixoPaul !!
I already know how some of the new tools will be used, and i’m very curious about the future happy accidents !