Easy Default Lights v1.0

Wassap guys!

I just wrote a little plugin which allows you to reset standard lights, lightcaps or both to default.
It also automatically restores the original, pristine material (thanks to the massive contribution of marcus_civis).

It’s quite simple but hopefully it saves a bit of time and encourages users to explore lights and lightcaps a bit more freely.

Instructions are really easy:

1 - Copy “Easy Default Lights.zsc” to your ZStartup\Zplugs64 directory
2 - Copy “Default.ZLI” and “Caps.ZLD” to your ZStartup directory
3 - Start Zbrush and find your new plugin inside the Plugin tool as “Easy Default Lights”

Hope you guys enjoy!!



Thank you

no worries! do please let me know if you find any bug or have any suggestion


hey there!!
I just tried your pluging to resent all the lights
it works just amazing
thank you very much!