Earthworm Jim is the Mandalorian

Mash-up of Earthworm Jim re-imagined in Star Wars’s The Mandalorian. Sculpted and rendered in Zbrush and comp in Photoshop.







Hah! This is too awesome! Great sculpt and detail on the armor, love EJ, and the render is here is fantastic for a ZBrush composite! :+1:

Love it. I played so much earth worm as a kid. Great job and thank you for sharing so many images.

Well, this wins the internet for today… Awesome mash up! I really like the way you translated Jim’s face/head to fit into the Star Wars alien style while still capturing the classic Earthworm Jim features! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks guys ! Thansk for the comment about the compositing :wink:

Hahaha, what a genius idea Marco! :joy: Great stuff!!!

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amazing. Total polycount?

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Hahaha this is such a great mash up! Great job :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone!!!

Sorry not sure about the polycount… probably a lot :wink:

That’s hilarious! Looks great.

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Hehehe thanks :wink:


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Great concept, beautifully executed!

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Hehehe thanks all :wink:

I can still hear whip noise that Jim’s head made when fighting!

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Well I could launch a cow! I know very few people who even know who Earthworm Jim is, let alone celebrate his existence in art. Beautiful tribute and mash-up!

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Thanks everyone :slight_smile: