E Tools

I was putting updates to this collection of Zscripts in the “Useful small Zscripts and Macros” thread but I kinda felt like I was posting in there too much so I decided to make a new thread for this Zscript.

Anyway, Here is my link to the latest pass on a collection of small Zscripts that I’ve been working on.


Just click on the “Download - E Tools.zsc v1.4.4” link at the top of the webpage in the above link and then simply extract all of the contents from the .zip into your ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Pixologic\ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\Zstartup/Zplugs’ or ‘…Zstartup/Zplugs64’ folder. Then when you run Zbrush you will see a “E Tools” panel under Zplugin, where these scripts reside.

The above link also has a short description of each command inside of E Tools.

This grouping of “E Tools” replaces all other previous Zscripts (“Zplugin > E”) that anyone may still be using by me.

Big big thanks goes to Marcus Burgess (marcus_civis) and Nick Miller (Nyx702) who helped me out a TON on many of these scripts!

Please test it out and let me know if you have any suggestions or issues!

Biggest updates since version 1.4.0:

  • Switch buttons replaced regular buttons on several different commands to make it easier to see if the command is active or not.
  • Sped up several of the commands. Some of them now run over twice as fast.
  • Merge UV - Toggles ‘Tool > Subtool > Merge > UV’ on all subtools
  • Merge Weld - Toggles ‘Tool > Subtool > Merge > Weld’ on all subtools
  • Various bug fixes



Updated my tools for 4r8

You can download them here >
http://www.ericblondin.com/p/download.htmlThe above link also has a short description of each command inside of E Tools.

Biggest changes in version 1.4.8

  • Tooons of bug fixes to get this to run on 4r8. Huge thanks to Marcus for all his help, this would not be running without him.
  • Del QS Files - One click button to remove all quick save files
  • Clear GOz Cache - One click button to remove all GoZ cache
  • Live Boolean - Toggles on and off Live Boolean
  • Make Boolean - Converts Live Boolean geo into actual geo and gives you the option to turn on Dynamic Subdiv
  • Polyframe All - Does a very fast BPR Render of your model to display the Polyframe on all subtools. Best if assigned to a hotkey


Small update to my tools, mostly minor bug fixes and updates to run properly on 4r8p2.

You can download from here > http://www.ericblondin.com/p/download.html
The above link also has a short description of each command inside of E Tools.

Biggest changes since version 1.4.8

  • Fixed "auto fit window size 2’ to work on 4r8p2 now that zbrush uses a double click method to open and close side trays
  • Added “right click pop up toggle” switch
  • Added extra code to qtrans tog, zfolders, right click pop and live boolean switches to first check to see if that feature has already been turned on in the users UI.
  • Fixed a bug with a lot of the buttons that run code on all subtools to now run though all of them properly.


Hello, --E–
Thank you very much for your plugin. It’s a great plugin.

I want to ask what is the significance of Perspective 28 and Perspective 63.4.
I looked at their explanation, but I don’t understand why I chose these two values instead of the other values, and there’s something special about these two values.

63.4 matches a 35 mm camera in Maya pretty well and a perspective of 28 apparently matches the human eye’s perspective of 70-80mm as per a lecture from Andrew Carse

Here’s where I got 63.4 from > http://sortadone.blogspot.com/p/zbrush-focal-angle-tutorial.html

Andrew Carse lecture > https://youtu.be/i6KKp8UpjYI?t=1102

Thank you very much!!