Dynamic Simulation

Is it possible to export Dynamic Simulations created in Z Brush to other 3D applications?If not is this planned for future updates?
The Dynamics Simulations in 2021 look very powerful and flexible so having the ability to export them would be super useful.

You can export the results as an MDD in order to load into other programs.

Turning on the Tool >> Layers >> Record Deformation Animation will record the mesh
changes that occur during the simulation. This will work with either the Run Simulation
or the cloth brushes. Only changes to your mesh are recorded, so you can stop/start the
simulation and change the camera angle without it affecting the result. When you have
finished, turn the button off and you will be asked to save the recording as an MDD file.

This can be loaded back into ZBrush using the Tool >> Layers >> Import MDD button and
rendered using BPR and the TimeLine, or you can use another application that supports
MDD files.

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Thanks Cryrid. That looks like a good solution.