Dynamic Brush size On and Off buttons. No shift+click needed anymore

Hi guys

Here i´m sharing this little couple of buttons called DynB On and DynB Off.
I was tired of failing when trying to deactivate dynamic on the Brush size slider tiny text while pressing Shift. So i decided to ZScript those buttons.
I tryed to create a switch button for this purpose. The problem i found is that Zmodeler always change to dynamic and i can´t manage to update the switch button status for that case. So some times the switch button needs to be pressed twice and does not represent the actual status of the brush.

I thought the simplest solution was to make 2 buttons On and Off so they never fail when using a hotkey or a custom UI buttom.

You can download and watch the buttons in action here


Thank you for this, Fran.


Thanks! The existing way strains my wrist because it’s too slippery and this script will help!:smiley:

Thank you guys,

Although I forgot to comment I chaged how it works. Now it is only one button to switch between modes.
I´m adding the old version as well in the same download so you can choose between having 2 buttons or one button that switches between modes.