Dynamesh ressolution issues

I’m relying very much on dynamesh. But there is so much ressolution difference between meshes and quality loss because of that.

Look at this, the wireframe shows big and detailed model ~60 ML that dropped to 6 ml after dynameshing and it washed out all cool details and sharpness

Now, kets take these 2 cubes.
Dynamesh with max settings gives 4 ml! and look at the differenc

even more wehn we separate these 2 cubes (group option for dynames) what makes 11ml for two cubes

Small meshes got gigantic ressolution while something that would make use of that, is 4-7 mln MAX.
I don’t understand it. Is there a way to dynamesh something more than that?

Within same mesh - 4k group dynamesh ~29mln points


I understand now - while dynameshing mesh (here groups are in consider) is scaled (if it’s to big) to the 4k resolution cube - it’s why big cubic shapes will loose details while smaller, complex shapes will have greater ressolution.

Easy to observe it while manually scaling to the same bounds - every group. All becomes clear.

So… any plans to bring up the limits some more - 8k maybe?

Why? Dynameshg gives clear topology while Union is a mess and need more work to clean this - in terms of files for 3d print.