DynaMesh doesn't work as it expected on one of subtools

Hi everybody!

I’ve got problem Dynameshing one of my subtools. It consists of a number of united booled meshes so it has different size polygons with a total of 9.758 million points. The size of subtool is 0.82. When I try to Dynamesh it using 4096 resolution it gives me 2.779 million points. When I double the size of subtool once to 1.66 and Dynamesh it than using 4096 resolution the result is 4.762 million of points. but I still loose details.

The problem is despite of how many times I increase further the size of the subtool Dynameshing with 4096 resolution doesn’t go beyond 4.762 millions of points.

Please help me what should I do to make it at least 10 million points?

It is strange as even much smaller subtool of this tool is possible to make from 1 million to 16 million points by increasing its size and then Dynameshing it.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @vic444vic ,

You can’t really, without manipulating the surface area to create more polygons. This is not how Dynamesh is intended to be used. As explained in the Documentation for Dynamesh:

DynaMesh has been designed to create low and middle resolution sculpting stages, making it a perfect way to create your base mesh before diving deeper into all the powerful traditional ZBrush sculpting and editing tools.

Dynamesh works best at low to medium-high levels of detail resolution. It is a tool designed for establishing form, not ultra fine detail. At some point you will need to subdivide the mesh in order to increase your detail potential. If you are attempting to Dynamesh a mesh with fine surface detail, then you would Dynamesh to capture the form, subdivide the resulting mesh sufficiently for the incoming detail, and project the detail from the original onto the new mesh, using one of the various methods for doing so.

At this point in your process your form should be mostly stable, and the usefulness of Dynamesh will diminish. It may be time to use ZRemesher to transition to a multi-resolution mesh with clean base level topology for the purpose of creating fine surface detail.

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful to me.