Dynamesh 10Mil Limit?


How about dynamesh limit over 10Mil? It is necessary to cap it on 10Mil?
Do you guys plan to go higher with this number?

And this limit is for the box shape only, if something is more complicated in shape, max res will be lower.

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Hi @Levus3D

This isn’t Pixologic, this is just a community forum. You should submit a ticket to Support and express your concerns directly to the developers.

From the first paragraph of the Dynamesh Documentation:

Dynamesh is not a tool intended for high detail sculpting. A traditional multiple subdivision level process is still the best way to sculpt fine detail. You will also need to transition to this process if you plan on posing, painting, or exporting textures for your mesh.

Rapid remeshing with dynamesh is useful while creating form, because you will be making frequent, drastic changes to your mesh. Once that form is established and you have moved on to fine detail, the need for rapid remeshing will have greatly diminished, and you now need the control that having multiple subdivision levels provides you for sculpting fine detail.

At any point, if you decide you need to change the topology again, you can project the detail from your current mesh onto a remeshed version. Not as fast as dynamesh, but by that point in your process you should have moved beyond the need to do it frequently.

@zber2 - Well, I was sure somebody of Pixologic team looking whats going on at least. But yea, maybe I should drop them a direct message.

@Spyndel - Yep, you’re right about establishing forms, but in mamy cases a little higher limit can speed up workflow.
With my mesh right now I’m limited to only(!) 4.5Mil with dynamesh, so I can’t change medium detail fast without loosing detail, I’m working iteratively with details and forms and doing form and then detailing not working for my case.
I lnow about subdivisions and reprojection but it’s time consuming.
And 10Mil limit? Cmon:) 15-20Mil can be a life saver.

It is, quite simply, the way to work in Zbrush. You will not achieve zbrush’s upper sculpting potential without subdivision, and is necessary if you want to pose, or export maps.

As Zber already said, if you have a feature request, it needs to go to Pixologic Support. I don’t imagine this sort of thing is not in the program because of a lack of will, however.