Hello everyone,
This is a blockout done for a new personal project inspired by italian comic book: Dylan dog

I have started with the basemesh blockout in blender and now I am working on trhe high res in zbrush. I’ll keep a record of my progress here and hopefully show the entire progress to final model. The goal is a fully rigged real time character for UE5.
Hope you dig it, cheers


High res sculpting of jeans and shoes. Working on shape language and secondary shapes.
Next I will do the same level of details pass on the jacket and shirt.
Hope you like it, cheers

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Coming out Nice
will follow.


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Thanks a lot man! Any support and feedback is very welcome! Cheers

Daily update
Today the task was to refine as much as possible shape and different elements on shirt and jacket.
Still finding the right shape language for the fold, but I am fine so far with the basic shape, will refine it later.

Tomorrow I’ll start some detailing on the hands and the face, so I can then upres the outfit with some nice folds.


Today main focus was on the hands detailing. I have worked the anatomical structure but also the level of stylization. Now will start refine the outfit with the same level of details.My goal is to have the all model detailied by the end of the week.


Love your stylized hand design :clap:

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Thanks a lot Jaime!

Today main focus were folds, plus I have refined the general design.

Tomorrow will keep working on those folds, not really satisfied yet, but it takes a bit of work to have it done properly.

Today I have refined the pants fold to get a better result.
After I have worked on the jacket as well but need to be finish.
I have also imported the high resolution mesh in marmoset to better evaluate shape cleanliness.
Next task will be to work on the shirt and other accessories such as belt and pocket.

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Jacket almost finished. Refining all the elements of the outfit and taking it to a higher level of details, slowly but steadily, but especially trying to make it work all togheter.
Next I’ll work on the shirt.

Still few tweaks, like stitches and seams line and I will consider the High res outfit done!
tomorow I’ll try to get it all togheter.
I have missed the polypaint because of layers. Layers are really usefull but sometimes is a bit frustrating when dealing with colors.
Any suggestion is appreciated.