I do believe that this is my fav. entry in this year’s DW. It’s so damn stylish! Love the painterly texture. A friend was walking past my pc when i was looking at your final render and he was convinced it was a physical 3D sculpt. I wouldnt mind having one, any chance of a 3d print? :slight_smile:

Hope you do well in the DW!

Totally Kick Ass! I love how his knee and torso sections turned out.

The weapon is also one of my favorite parts of this guy, I love how you represented the wood.

good grief…thats unbelievably cool.
im sorry, i dont know what else to say.

Thanks guys, it was a ton of fun this year. I am really glad they went fantasy.

this is amazing - unreal style and design man

Fantastic model and dawings!
I hope i reach that level of skill some day :wink:

Is there any other forum where we can check out your process in more depth? (IE: the original thread)
Cause i’d love to know more about how you did it and also see some more wires as reference :smiley:

Here is my orginal thread. I hope to do a tutorial someday when I stop playing so much WoW =)


Thanks bahlswede.
I’m reall interested in your workflow process, can you tell me if this is a correct interpretation of how you developed the character?

Did some thumbnail sketches
made a zsphere maquette based off these.
Did a quick sculpt on the zsphere mesh (how long do you class as quick btw?)
Then took a screen grab and painted over the sculpt in PS
Did a high res sculpt.
Then rebuilt the topology (what did you use to rebuilt it? this is the stage i’m most interested in)
And then imported your new low res mesh with UVs and projected the detail/colour?
Is that more or less right?

More or less :slight_smile: I use Maya 2008 to bake my normal and the diffuse maps. The diffuse map is a mix of a 40% cavity map from zbrush + an ambient occlusion map at 50% that I generate from faogen. You can get a trial of faogen at rusteddreams.net. If you have never built topology in zbrush from a zsphere its pretty straight forward plenty of tutorials on it. I really have to get around to making a quick video.

Beautiful stuff.

I love the NPR look. Photorealism is dead. Long live NPR! :smiley:

so you did the retopo in Zbrush?
I’ve done retopo in Zbrush before but nothing that extensive.

heheh yep a vid would be awesome :wink: