I made this Dwarf face in couple hours, and I continued with more tests to render polypaint textures directly in 3ds Max, there are some good and bad ones following this workflow, like being extremely fast to generate some renders, and the bad side is not having so much control in textures and color adjustments, if it is to make something more realistic, nothing better than the good old UVWMapping.

out of all this technical part the race of dwarfs are my favorites, since I met the game Dwarf Fortress a few years ago, I started to like it even more, and this game is incredible for those who want to know more about the dwarf

Dwarf_Face_01_Color_Site_Base_Square_Portifolio Dwarf_Face_01_Grey_Site_Base_Square_Portifolio Dwarf_Face_02_Color_Site_Base_Square_Portifolio Dwarf_Face_02_Grey_Site_Base_Square_Portifolio Dwarf_Face_03_Color_Site_Base_Square_Portifolio Dwarf_Face_03_Grey_Site_Base_Square_Portifolio

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