Dustin Brown Sketchbook

Figured I’d join the sketch book bandwagon. Here’s a new bust I’m working on. Likenesses are tough; can anyone guess who it is without cheating?







Equalized the skin with the rake brush, then did another pass of major folds, fat, etc.





Very cool model so far… and very realistic :+1:

Is it Ed Harris?

Tom Waits

The prize goes to Doug :slight_smile:

he is one of my favorite people on the planet…
as down to earth as they come…

I feel like I’m getting closer. The hair is throwing me for a loop because Tom has really messy, curly hair with lots of texture and personality to it.


I’ve tried a few different approaches and I think the best way to handle it is to keep the hair simple and conceptual. C&c are welcome as always.




Here’s an old piece that I picked back up today. I’m not going for 100% accuracy based on skeletal remains. I’m using the fossils as a starting point and gaining inspiration from modern day animals. I’m also adding a little anthropomorphism just for fun.





I’m starting to lay in a pachyderm sort of treatment, just using short little crisscrossing strokes. It looks a little contrived right now, but once it’s all in I’ll tone it back, lay in some of the larger scales, then finish it off by dusting it in certain areas with a small scale pattern.




I think the skin looks great! I’ll be interested to see you apply those details you describe.

No crits, it’s a lovely dinosaur!

petekasim: Thanks man.




Here’s something I’ve been working on for a while. Finally got around to rendering it in mental ray. I need to continue working on the skin shader, I’m still not happy with it.



Awesome sketchbook…Very nice work

Thanks, Spain3D.

Here is some polypainting on the Parasaur. I’m just layering colors in, trying to get a natural look to it. Suggestions are welcome. I like the bright colors on the crest and face. I envision this fellow being a male, and in most species the males are more colorful in order to attract a mate. I added a little peach to the underside, and I think it’s working well.



I really like the poly paint, how did you manage to make it look like it’s so blended?

Good to see some more of your work :wink: I dig the new stuff.

Brian - Thanks man!

Sora Na - Well, unfortunately ZBrush’s layers only work with displacement, you can’t use them for polypainting. So I basically just took the approach of dialing my RGB intensity way down and misting colors in. I got a good base coat down, then brought my intensity down to like 5-15, then just slowly begain to build up color layers. Right now I’m trying to find a good balance between it looking natural, but visually interesting. Earthy, but not bland.

I think I need to take the green back and use some more grey-brown, then go back in and make vertain areas pop. I’d also like to add some patterning on his back.


Its funny you mention the layers and polypaint issue. I thought about using layers on a project of mine, and quickly realized that it only works with displacement. This would be a great addition for the next Zbrush update!

[![tutorial00.jpg|800x800](upload://s7iepJ5QO9uXIyS2VCiL1jDdrbb.jpeg)]![tutorial11.jpg|322x425](upload://1eWWvsf5EN23QclXgJCVI6H2OiL.jpeg) NOTE: Lens Blur does have a noise section in it, so you could alternatively add your noise there, but I prefer to add it to the entire image as a final step. I like the look of it better, it's just a personal preference. That's it, mystery solved! This certainly isn't the only way to get these results, it's just the fastest way I've found to get them. If you know of another way, I encourage you to share it.