Dulce Isis Segarra: My Work!

Hi everyone, I have decided to create a thread to post the works I do and participate in this great forum. I have seen a lot of works here and all are awesome! I hope to improve and to make awesome works also one day :). Critics and comments are welcome.

Here I show you my last model, Monk. A character for a personal videogame project.

Artstation: https://t.co/VaId5LWQBS
Personal Web: https://t.co/65bQnd3DJm


3D modeling of a mermaid monster and her companion for the Game Challenge 2016.
“When a boat sinks, from the depths of the sea, this vile creature emerges in search of poor souls to be food for her beloved companion and continue their long journey together.”

  • Tris: 19998
  • Sculpted in Zbrush
  • Retopology, Rigging and Render: Maya and Mental Ray
  • Normal and AO bake: XNormal
  • Texturizing: Substance Painter

Web: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aLL2R
Artstation: http://dulceisisart.com/portfolio/sea-monster/
Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/8e0f15f326044c43949094bc5c7fe90c