D'Sparil, the Youngest of the Serpent Riders

Hi guys! This is my rendition to D’Sparil, the Youngest of the Serpent Riders from Heretic (1994, prequel of Hexen), one of my favorite games ever! He is the first and the youngest of the trio of Serpent Riders and final boss of the game, and when you finally meet him he is riding the Giant Chaos Serpent! I always wanted to make a fan art of him riding that giant monster so I used the power of Zbrush to make it . Hope you guys like it! Cheers!


Beautiful work.

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Wow.Amazing attention to details. Sculpt

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That’s pretty tight! Nice, more realistic take on the low rez game asset. Detail very crisp and clean. I think the belt design is my favorite part.




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Thank you guys!!