DRS Tools


I am working as a freelancer on a game project for a studio and I would like to introduce you to DRSTools. It’s a zbrush plugin developed by Digireal Studios to speed up the model preparation for baking textures (creating cages, exploding models, aligning the cages with the low and high poly models etc). It was an inhouse plugin for all their 3D artists creating models for the game however the studio has recently released it to assist other artists and studios and as a means to fund the project.

I have been using DRS Tools for about 1 year now as part of their team and I can say that this plugin helped me and the rest of the team tremendously in saving hours of work. It offers the fastest workflow I have used until today. It has a lot of tools that automate processes but one of the main features is that it can create cages and also explode and align all the models with just 1 click. Basically all the manual work gets automated.

Every license comes with a free tutorial and documentation explaining how the workflow works. The model used in the tutorial and the images samples is one of the models I created for the game and it’s approximately 800 million+ polygons in total and 288 subtools.

I also recorded a stress test for the plugin where I used the DRS Tools to create cages, explode and align all the subtools of my spacecraft with 1 click. It only took roughly 2.5 hours to finish the calculation and it went up to approx. 2 BILLION total polygons during the calculation. That’s insane! I have been using it since last year and even I was surprised that it was this stable. They published the stress test on their facebook page as well. I’ll post the link below.

Official Link: digirealstudios.com/product/drs-tools-v1-0-single-license
Demo Link https://vimeo.com/digireal/drs-tools-for-zbrush

Here is the stress test link:

Stress Test Video

DRS Tools Summary:

Create Cages, Explode, Align & Rename all your 3D models with just a single click!
DRS Tools is a ZBrush plugin we developed that significantly speeds up your workflow when it comes to preparing 3D models for baking purposes!
Get your license and the free training course today at digirealstudios.com/drs-tools-for-zbrush

– ZBrush 2019 & 2020 (Windows version only)
– Compatible with the folder system of ZBrush

– Explode your models and create cages for them with a single click!
– 5 Methods for Creating Cages
– Bulk rename your models
– Add Prefix and Suffix
– Bake Layers for all visible subtools
– Enable and disable Polypaint for all visible subtools
– Enable and disable SmoothUV for all visible subtools
– Store, Switch and Delete morph target for multiple visible subtools
– Make a subtool Visible or Invisible by Name
– Make a subtool Visible or Invisible if it’s a Cage
– Make a subtool Visible or Invisible if its number is either Odd or Even in the subtool list
– Duplicate all visible subtools
– Delete all Visible or Invisible subtools
– Match the size between 2 subtools
– Align 2 subtools
– Align every 2 consecutive subtools
– Align a subtool’s morph target to its exploded position.

The plug in is currently at discount