Dream Lover 1993

Hello, I am very happy to share my latest project in recent months, which is a movie poster of Dream Lover 1993. It is a personal project, which allows me to improve my understanding of facial structure and texture as well as clothing making. Although there is still a lot to be improved, I believe I have grown a lot in this project. All the models were made in Zbrush, and the facial skin details were textured in two ways. The first was directly hand-sculpted pores and wrinkles in Zbrush. The second uses a high-definition scan of the detailed texture of the human body as a base, then adds pores and wrinkles by hand engraving.
The rest of the mapping was done in Zbrush and Substance Painter, and the final rendering was done using Arnold.
I hope you like it! :smile:


Welcome back to the community. This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing all of your work.

Great work!

beautiful work

Thank you guys! I’m glad you liked it :smile:

Wow! So nice, I love this!!