Dream House

To compensate for the total lack of architectural visualization in ZBrush I saw myself forced to publish this:
A plan of my dream home:D

Very nice. Where is the bath?

Ralf Stumpf

Upper right hand corner! I thought it’s clear… hmmmm I have to work on that. But you clearly saw the Hot Tub in the lower left right?

Right there. Behind M. C. Escher’s guest goom.
Nice design Lemo, using a ZScript for the repitition?


Na, nothing complicated. Just a few markermastered cubes extruded duplicated and unified and bend/twisted around. All Deformation slider stuff. Also looks cool subdivided. But not usable for archviz then haha.

Hi Lemo, maybe get help from ‘The Three Stooges Construction Company’. Am I the only one to ask how you did it? 50.

Well, your pet hampsters will definitely have a blast when it all comes to fruition… :laughing: :confused:

I like it. It’s very intriguing :+1:

When you are quiet for a while I always know something good is coming.

Been there, seen that :stuck_out_tongue: the hause im gonna bild this year will look the same :]

Looks great! Where is the kitchen? I should like to see you walking from the kitchen to the livingroom with a full glass of beer, haha!, nice imported beer! :+1: :+1: :laughing:

The stairway to my bedroom looks like that on Saturday nights. I usually give up and sleep in the recliner.:lol:

LOOOOL I love your comments! I must make more crazy pics… hahaha.

…follow the plan! :smiley:

Looks impressive. Good Work!!

I would never have suspected you of being a slum lord!!!

Lord of the Rings perhaps:D ( ouch!!!)

I believe this sculpture must belong in this house.



It almost looks like those optical illusions that give you a headache when you look at them…
Nice job, i like the house plan in the background…

What a beauty! Lovely. Great idea and looks very nice. That actually would look great as a real carved piece. Probably not hollow and with a few thin steel wires painted black to keep up the illusion. Wonder if a CNC can carve out the base structure.


PS: Super job with the texture!

This sculpture actually contains a secret message! Can you unlock it?

Does it spell something?
Kind of looks like an ‘e’…
By the way the texture used by pride is default in ZB (i think…:confused: )