Draw Palette - Image Planes - Project on Mesh not working

Hi All,

I recently noticed that my Image Plane - Project on Mesh functionality doesn’t seem to work. When I turn it on, my image planes disappear but the images are not projected onto my subtool. Please could you help me figure out what is going wrong? Please see attached screen grabs.



PS : Zbrush 2022.0.5. Latest Nvidia Studio drivers, RTX 2070 Super and AMD 3900x CPU.

Hello @afrolord ,

The Gizmo display issue is a known cosmetic issue. Simply disable Move mode to remove the Gizmo from your view.

In regard to your image not displaying, this could be the result of the model being oriented at an angle for which the image is not assigned. For instance if you assign an image in the “Left-Right” menu and “Project on Mesh” is set to max, that image will be viewable on the mesh when it is locked to the left-right view in the viewport, and begin to disappear from the mesh the farther you rotate the mesh away from that angle. Rotate it more than a little, and the image will disappear completely.

If the above does not explain your issue, please contact ZBrush Support. Technical support for ZBrush can’t be provided over the public forums, and other users wont be able to help you with system specific problems. All technical issues and concerns with your ZBrush installation should be directed to support.

Thank you!