Always I wanted to sculpt my own design, DRAGONITY is the one, This was done with Zbrush, fully sculpted in a very high subdivision level, over 1 billion polygons. The UV system contains 32 x 8K UDIM | Rigged in Maya & Rendered with Redshift renderer, comped with Foundry Nuke.

Making of the Dragonity!

Thanks for your kindness feedback

Hi there, I want to say this is a very good effort. Dragons are very hard and you have A LOT of competition with them so kudos for you for taking the challenge.

The biggest issue you face with this is there is sooo much noise going on with your dragon, I can’t read any forms or look at the dragon anatomy, all I can see is a glowing crackle pattern.
The second issue looking at your low poly is everything feels very soft, there’s little in the way of surface contrast. It all feels like slightly melted wax.

Great effort dude keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more from you

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Thanks for your feedbacks, about the anatomy actually you can see it in the latest pictures, and for the mesh, well its a low poly that needs to be so light for being rigged, melty feel is on purpose that shows the heat, noises are the same, its not an ordinary dragon its the Dragon, it should be complicated and noisy in my opinion, dragon nature is not soft, btw thanks for your great feed backs buddy

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I feel like I miss communicated some elements. Yes dragons have a lot of detail but you need rest areas for the viewers eyes to relax. In you final composited shots it’s hard to see the dragon through the noise.
For the softness, looking at your model where you are showing the topology of your dragon that’s where I am saying your dragon is too soft and box like especially around the chest and arms it loses mass and the ability to tell what that area is suppose to be. IE the chest is it scales that are making the shape, is it bone plates or is it muscles. Atm it’s a rounded mass without really describing much… I really hope this doesn’t sound like I am picking on you. I want you to grow into an amazing sculptor and you have made a great step towards that direction. I just wanted to clarify my earlier feedback as I think I didn’t explain it well enough :slight_smile: