Dragon Scout

So this is first step towards an illustration with showing a recon squad including a dragon with a scout rider on top.
The rider has recon equipment like binoculars, maps, cameras, etc.
Some of the equipment might be mounted on the dragon somehow.
The pose is showing the dragon noticing something interesting on the ground, it is pointing and the rider is looking with his piratelike binoculars.
So here is the first step:
starting the modeling of the dragon.
C&C are welcome of course.


Looking sweet! :+1:

What’s the rider/dragon scale?
When’s the next update? :smiley:

love it jais cool model and a great pose :+1:

Highlander_72>> Thanks. My thoughts are that is a man/horse scale, but I’ll have to test it out.
Next update after the weekend, so hold on tight. :slight_smile:

Wolfie>> Thanks m8. :slight_smile:

it is really really smooth

looking very cool

Good pose, this is going to be a good one to see completed.
C’mon you know i gotta ask, …will you post some wires?:smiley:

I like it, not sure about the left hand up signalling, but then I don’t know the concept. :wink:

kcyakiyaki|| Cheers
sadicus|| wires are for boys. :smiley: More to come soon.
Jason Belec|| Thanks for the input. Will try another pose with that arm. Not too sure about it myself.

Nice looking model mate!

Just a thought on the left arm. You could try relaxing the second and third finger and raising the elbow farther up to lower the palm. IMHO this seems like a more natural pose. But then I’m just a Znewb so what do I know¿! :wink: Great job all the same.


That sounds like a reasonable solution. Will try to solve it that way. Thanks for input.
Updates on the way.

update>> My gosh im struggling with that pose. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

The rider is going to have some sort of hood on and have all sorts of different scouting equipment tied to the dragon.


Coming along nicley cant wait to see the extras on them! Looks like fun work.

Very dynamic pose i like it a lot. Pitty the material you are currently using appears a bit flat.

I’m not sure that if you would hold that scouting equipment , your left elbow would be so high up.

And perhaps bend the character more to the front. Cause to reduce the risk of falling , ppl bend their back and knees. (like skiing)

That looks good, love the pose.

I am Luving it man, Keep it up!:smiley:

I really like the style in this piece so far.

I look forward to seeing where it goes :slight_smile:

Bryan Silva>> Thanks. It is acutally quite fun :wink:

The Namek>> Here it is with the default zb3 shader which describes the form a bit better. Lowered the elbow a bit and gave him a more “balancing” pose.
Thanks a lot for the input.

webguy>> Cheers.

jay_lenn>> Will do!

Meats Meier>> Wow! Thanks for the interest. To hear it from you does generate some extra ether on the motivation-grill, I must admit.

A small update:

  • Posed the rider more balanced and added some details to him.
  • New material.

A lot more to coming up.

WIP_0009.jpg .

Oooh… I love this! So much fun to look at. They look like a pair of rascals together. Great work Jais, this is going to be great. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


Lots of character to this one. Well done :slight_smile:


I’m liking this design a lot… Keep going with this! :+1: My only suggestion right now is about the dragon’s pose. If the body is long enough, you might want to try moving the back end over just a bit, so that one leg isn’t right under the head, and maybe down a bit so that the pointing hand’s silhouette isn’t lost against the body… These characters look like they’d be a ton of fun to pose and animate!