Dragon Promise Kept

Great work and thanks for sharing your progress work-flow. This is great for someone like me new to Zbrush and 3D sculpting!

As promised, here is a short ZScript of my basic sculpting techniques. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it shows a few different ways of applying details in a short ZScript. As such, the model isn’t as good quality as the other dragon head since less than 30 minutes was spent on this version. But you might get some good info from it anyway.

Basically, it shows sculpting with the main tools (brush, move, pinch,smooth,etc…) as well as creating your own custom alpha for texturing using texture master. And using masks to create various details.

I hope you get some use from it! You may need to turn on Show Actions in the ZScript menu if you’re not sure what’s going on in while the script is running.

edit: I forgot the image result of the script.



Been working a bit more on this. I still need to color in some areas like teeth, claws, eyes, etc… and work on some materials for the rocks. Plus I want to work on the form of the rocks a bit more. Right now it looks a bit blobby.

I started the hardcore modeling challenge on CGSociety so this dragon might take a backseat again for awhile till I finish that. I need some ideas for backgrounds on this in the meantime!

Rendered in ZBrush.


Excellent Dragon!
Here is an inspiration :smiley: :
Lemo :wink:



Of course they have. And I’m gonna say it again. The level of detail on the head alone is wonderful. I’m impressed.

Lemo, nice compositing and adjustment on the levels! The background also gives me an idea. When I get back o this, maybe I’ll add a background kind of like Frazetta or Vallejo. You know, something simple. Just a plain as you’ve shown, but with a mountain or two.

Thanks, guys!

I tried to come up with something else than the idea of the ‘lavascape’ which shot throug my head. So, I made a state park entrance welcome dragon out of it ;). Yes, a simple background will be great as it will not distract from the great detail. Again, great beast! Looking forward to some dramaticaly lit dragon scene.

Look forward to seeing the finished piece.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

how do you do to get the wings with Zspheres?
I’ve noticed that your Zspheres in the wings are dark grey, like transparent…
could you post a link to a tutorial or explain how do you do it?

very nice model!

Sorry I didn’t see the links at the top of the thread, I’m watching the tutorials now…

edit 2:
ok, I’ve seen the 3 tutorials and in the one with the fish it does this kind of flat mesh with Zspheres, but I cannot see how… ???

I found it!
thanks anyway (if it isn’t for your thread I would probably never find out)

Hey Sergio!

The gray Zspheres are magnet Zspheres which stretch the mesh out in the direction they face. If the wing spheres are small, the magnet spheres will stretch them so it would be a thin membrane. And by adjusting the adaptive skin settings, you can manipulate how the membrane of the wing stretches as well.

Edit: I see you figured it out already!