Dragon&Jade Pendant

Hi all! This is a recently commission I made for a jeweler, you can see some pictures of it on his Instagram profile victorgarcíaquesada
Project was to design a dragon pendant with a spherical stone (that finally was a jadeite.), where dragon works as the stone holder.

Renders were made with Keyshot, I Polypaint it, to differentiate polished from sanded areas, using Vertex Color node as transparency mixing the two different materials.
For the stone texture I just used a real jade picture

Some images of the designing process, everything was splitted into different Subtools, I like to do this to be more flexible for possible client changes.
Body was Polygrouped using the ZModeler features, then the UV map was created for the scales with the UV Master Plugin, the tileable map was made with the great Nanotiles Textures Plugin, I love to make tileable alphas with it :grin:


Great job Nacho! thanks for sharing your process :wink:

Thanks Jaime!! :wink:

Some fantasy renders :laughing:


beautiful pendant! great job on this :slight_smile:

Thanks you! Glad you like it :hugs: