Dragon and Me

From an early age, almost from the moment I started looking at pictures in books, still not knowing how to hold the book properly, I was hopelessly fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons.
For me, at that age, there was something magical, enchanting, inspiring primal awe in these mythical animals.
I am 36. And for me nothing has changed since then. Magic and fairy tales still exist in my life, the only difference is that having chosen the profession of an artist more than 20 years ago, I can create a fairy tale by myself from time to time :slight_smile:

This is Tamerlan, and he is an Albino Supercrimson Iguana. He is one of the most rare artificially created iguana morphs. He hatched June 2018 and was born blind because of an albinism.

2 years ago we started our journey by creating an Instagram account called “Dragon and Me” and during this time we have grown into a huge community with over 200 thousand dedicated dragon-lovers and friends.

ZBrush 3D Modeling


026 028

Scene and c4D/RedShift render setup

032 034 035


That’s so cool Alexey, at first I thought your dragon really had wings :thinking: :joy: Nice comp idea and execution!

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Hi all,

Wanted to show you some recent updates on this project :slight_smile:

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Work in progress update. Getting there…
Rendered in ZBrush

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I hadn’t seen this when you first posted it. I’m glad you’ve come back to update so that I caught it now! It’s a wonderful creation.

When I was looking at the photos, I was guessing that you’d taken your own lizard and digitally added the wings. But only guessing - your compositing is flawless. Thanks for sharing all the process images!

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Thank you very much, Aurick!
The first images in the thread ARE photocompose. To that moment I had only wings ready.
Next iterations are gonna be full 3D :slight_smile:

Keep seeing your updates on social media and they are nothing short of spectacular, happy to see them here as well :wink: Awesome ZBrush render!

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WIP Update!
Rendered in ZBrush / Redshift

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Hello friends! Some updates on Draguan’s glow map for night flight scenes :hugs:

Sharing some base layer color update. Next - bringing it to MARI for finalizing