DragMaster Plugin.

This is a simple Plugin that simulates a Drag stroke given its length and direction.

First, you need to assign a HotKey to the “Drag” button, then set the length and direction. Using the mouse (easier) or pen and using the assigned hotkey ( not a mouse click) you can very quickly produce steady regular strokes.

I made it with the idea of helping with Insert Multimesh IMM brushes. Sometimes you need that every insert mesh has the same size, orientation or both (for screws or bolts for example). Later I started using it also with standard brushes and DragRect or simply with Dots to create straight lines.

The LengthRn slider adds a random value to the stroke length and the DirectionRn adds a random angle. So Direction 90 would produce a vertical line and , if you add DirectionRn 20, the angle of every stroke will be between 90 and 110.

MIMRandom switch. If pressed every stroke will insert a different mesh from the IMM brush, If not pressed it will always insert the selected.

Variation Slider. Normaly you want to set this number to match the number of meshes of your IMM brush but , for example, you might want to play with the first 5 meshes only so you would se this value to 4.



DragMaster Plugin

Thank you for the the script Dargelos. It’s very much appreciated.

nice! its always a struggle to get the size and rotation just right with imm`s so this will help a lot
thank you for making and sharing this :slight_smile:

I just realized it had some annoying typos and I fixed it.
Sorry for those who downloaded the plugin ,

Another great plug by dargelos !!! Very smart and useful !!!

Did you see 4R7 presentation ? Maybe you could make this plugin repeat/simulate drag strokes using strokes from the inventory, I just woke up so I don’t know if it’s a good idea, as usual I speak anyway :wink:

Keep doing such good plugins dargelos !!! Thanks a lot !!!

Yes, I saw the videos on youtube LoL. I am inpatient to use the new ZBrush and these guys are incredibly funny.
I saw they added the Repeat stroke dynamic (not sure how they called it) and Now you will be able to repeat the stroke all over your model. Very cool!
I think you had a great idea. I will see if I can add that to this plugin. I might not be able to do it or need help…

Wow, wow, wow, Thanks for this one …

Thanks for the the script.:+1:

can be very interessing for curve

how do u assign a hotkey to the drag button

Like usual in ZBrush, CTRL+ALT+CLICK

This is exactly what I needed and it works perfectly with Z4R7! Thanks you so much for making it!

Very usefull! Thanks for sharing !!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Im tryin’ to understand what useful is this tool for.
as I press the drag button it just rotates camre to given angles.

would you mind adoing a small videotutor how to use it ?
and is this still works ? or outdated ?

This is a simple Zsrcript and still works. It emulates a straight line stroke on the canvas with a particular length and angle. So, if you use it on the “empty space” it will rotate de camera. I made it when I needed to put some bolts on a mesh (with the Insert brush) and I wanted them to have all the exact same size but maybe a random rotation. if you use it with another freehand brush it will just create a straight stroke in that direction. If you use it with a DragRect stroke it will stamp your alpha. it’s merely a simulated stroke in the direction and length you determine…

I just tried it and it works great.

Thank you very much! Its all I wish every IMM working)) :smiley:

I apologize, but I do not know where to turn.

Tell me if there is a plugin that would have extended the possibility of the DragRect or DragDot
If the standard brush to use alpha in DragRect mode is drawing from Alpha projected on the model can only be scaled and rotated by holding LMB

Can I enable dragging of the projected volume by Alpha on the model?
As well as in DragDot mode but with scaling and rotation?

Not sure I understand your question but you can use it with DragRect and the standard brush… You have to assign a hoykey to the drag button and then press that key, not the LMB… So if you place the cursor over the model and press the selected hoykey with DragRect and standard brush, it will stamp the alpha on top of the model