Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane was modelled and textured in 3dsMax, Zbrush and Substance, no scans were used, it was rendered with V-Ray Next, color corrections in Photoshop, and the hair is Hair & Fur. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get Hair & Fur and V-Ray’s Hair shader to work together without error. So, I ended up using the material setting within Hair & Fur…not my preference.

Until I buy another tool for grooming, I’ll put a pin in this piece.

JGI_0004_Jane JGI_0006_Jane JGI_0007_Jane JGI_0008_Jane JGI_0000_Jane JGI_0001_Jane JGI_0002_Jane JGI_0003_Jane

You can find some of the alpha I created for this on my Artstation account…



The age skin details and folds look very natural, good job @Nearl :slight_smile:

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What a refreshing subject, and very detail sculpting on the skin.

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Thanks Jaime!

Thank you!