Dr. Grordbort Gun - FanArt

Hey ZBC! trying to update my gallery here, and found this Dr. Grordbort Gun I made a while back. Dr. Grordbort - Weta Workshops

We were developing the Project Primitive Deformer at the time, and this was the first thing I made using Project Primitive…Mostly. Alot of the primary components in the center, and misc parts were Project Primitive, and the rest was…well, ZBrush :slight_smile:

Take care, and let me know what you think!



WOW, I remember when you were testing Project Primitive tools, the final piece came out very nice Solomon! :clap::clap::clap:

Pretty sweet–I’m going to call it Steampunk–gun!

Thanks @Spyndel …so much steam punk haha.

This is amazing!

I’m wondering if you’d be willing to give out the STL for the wooden stock? I’m building a similiar piece (physical, not STL) out of found parts (won’t look like the upper half), but have always found the stock to be charming. All the stocks I find on ebay or gun shops are always boring old shotgun stocks. I’d love to give this to a CNC guy and get the stock and work from there…

I know it’s a big ask.