DOTF Coming soon

Update: finished The Sculpt, I’ll be doing some texturing and final rendering soon
Update: I am now working on the hair
Yeah I’m making another Joker WIP because my last Joker was very cartoony… so i decided to go darker and more realistic. so I finished the basic sculpt, I’m next going to add the wrinkles and texture soon. So If you wanna see where this is going please fallow this thread or something.

Please feel free to offer C&C








JokerDOTFPinnedMask.jpgI’m playing with Hair now BTW

Update: finished The Sculpt, I’ll be doing some texturing and final rendering soonJokerDOTFFinalSculptPersp.jpgJokerDOTFFinalSculpt.jpg

I think the Fibermesh is slightly out of control, perhaps take back the Fiber by mask, or reduce coverage slightly as it looks kinda static atm :slight_smile:

Also dont forget about the great groom brushes, nobodies hair is perfect, certainly not Mr Js :smiley:

Edit* Dont forget about Decimation Master, you could create a high poly model and use DM to reduce poly count

Thanks! I need more experience with using FiberMesh for sure and I don’t often use DM to often just out of personal preference but will definitely try to use it more. If you have any more tips on fibermesh usage I’d love to hear them

Something I sorta just threw together to see how it’d lookJoeKerBPR1.jpgSource For some comparison (obviously I have a different style)BM_13_24_450.jpg

JokerDOTFHighRender.jpgCloser To A finished Render