Don't Go Towards the Light

So I’ve been doing this on my spare time and I think I’ve finally fished with it. the weird looking sea creature was inspired by Carlos Huante characters designs. This is the first time I used a lot of different render passes and I think it worked out pretty well. Also, one of my first attempts at using mental ray.

3ds Max, Mental, Zbrush, Photoshop.


Here is a neutral pose render of the sea creature. Any critiques or comments are welcome :smiley:


nice nice nice. This character would have been perfect in an oddworld environment.


Like it and the fish too!

its good but the character looks too friendly :confused:
if you want it to be a predator at least make angry eyes :+1:
good job anyways :sunglasses:

thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah I guess the creature could look a little bit more menacing but they’re both supposed to kind of goofy characters