Donald Duck Found A Treasure

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I’ve brought Donald Duck in to live with a realistic art called " Donald Duck Found A Treasure". Donald as found the gold Mickey Mouse statue, which means he’s the one who controls Disney.


Perfect!!! What fun! :+1:

What a beautiful Donald Duck :wink: Mickey is gold! Very nice @GalYosef :+1:

Spectacular! I literally want to pick him up. :clap:

haha that’s great! He’s so fluffy too :smiley: Love the choice of denim for his outfit!

I found myself smiling broadly while looking at these… brilliant work.

I love this!! Amazing. I’d buy a print of this

wow, love it!!! the translation from 2D to 3D is beautiful!!!

Really nice work!
:mouse: :duck:

This is so great. :slight_smile:

I love the details on the eyes, it look so alive! Beautiful piece.