Hi there.
My first post here at zbrush central. The character is my entry on the Comicon challenge for the Domino character from the Marvel universe.Hope you like it











nice i like what you did with the suit, kinda in line with the x-men movies which i know people complained about, but unless you have some incredible incredible filmmakers it would be hard to make the comic book style suits work out and not look dumb, my biggest pro of this piece is that it looks like a real actress playing domino, it comes off feeling ā€œrealā€ the biggest con of the piece would be some of the posing, especialy the shooting pics, just looke kinda bleh not much dynamics in them.

beautiful work. just one thing that I thought could be different. In the shooting poses you could perhaps change the expression to something more threatening or angry. In the standing poses i feel the arch in the back is a little too much. just my two cents.

rhinokio,moonlitmaverick-Thanks a lot guysā€¦my worst nightmare on this character was the retopolizationā€¦it was painfull and i ended with her very limited for dynamic poses and expressions.I was on a rush to finish her before the challengeĀ“s deadline.
But this was a great learningā€¦on the next iĀ“ll be prepare:cool:

hEy Digitalmind,yes I like your routen and I like your entry as well.It was clean,it was unique and has an originality of your character!Thanks for sharing this.!Love it!!