Dominance War 3


    [i]"Machines victory did not last... In a final desperate effort, the remnants of the opposing forces united against the machines and created an ultimate weapon that would temporarily disrupt all electrical functions within the galaxy. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong...

It has been 1000 years since the disappearance of machines. All electrical and mechanical systems continue to malfunction and every planet has been cut off from each other, leaving planetary wormholes as the only means of traveling between planets. Only myths remain of how life with technology once was, until recently…
Bizarre creatures have been emerging from wormholes; creatures made entirely of metal!

The ultimate weapon’s effects are apparently fading. Everyone must put a stop to this rising menace before it’s too late; unfortunately, everyone in the system is already at war! For the past century, an inter-galactic war has been raging between 9 rival planets. As a result, sending massive armies to a new awakening machine world is impossible, so in their place, single powerful units have been summoned…

Your mission, with the help of a powerful magical artifact (read below), is to enter an ancient forgotten world via wormholes, destroy all rival enemy forces sent by other planets, crush the awakening machines, and bring back the secret of technology in order to dominate all opposing forces, their planets and their wretched citizens once and for all!"
[/i]–From the Dominance War Storyline

A war has been raging across the world recently, yet gone unnoticed by CNN and other news media. Forum vs. Forum (nine in all), and carried on in five languages, Dominance War 3 is shaping up to be an epic battle! The rules are strict, yet according to the official website there were over 1800 entrants, with 685 finalists. We at ZBC have breaking news to report, though: some of these combatants have wielded a secret weapon of tremendous power… ZBrush!

    Some of you may well remember rawkstar (Vitaley Naymushin) and his [Corum: Necromancer General](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=033615) character (pictured above) from a couple years ago. It won the first Dominance War contest and led to a job with id Software (creators of Doom and Quake).

This year the stakes are far higher, and ZBC has in recent weeks seen an explosion of threads from forum members who are participating in the contest. Although ZBrushCentral has not been directly involved (we like to think of ourselves as a kind of Switzerland in the battle), it has been a great pleasure to see such phenomenal entries from among our membership.

To that end, we’ve put together a special Challenges forum that contains all the entrants whom have shared their work here at ZBC. We’d like to invite everyone to spend some time browsing through these many fine threads. Choose your favorites and cheer them on to hopeful victory as the Dominance War continues!


:large_orange_diamond: Grand Prize: Dmitry Parkin
:large_orange_diamond: Third Place: Adrien Debos
:large_orange_diamond: Fourth Place: Alex Velasquez





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Really cool. I got left out though. Here’s my thread.

really loved it… detailing goes with the character weight,

I’m sorry about that. I’ve now moved your thread into the forum.

It was pretty hard trying to locate all of the entries. If anyone catches any other threads that I missed, please send an email to matthew@pixologic.com along with the link. I’ll get it moved pronto. :slight_smile:

really cool :+1:

This is great. Great Models and Textures.

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Great character and great to see you back up on the forum again - showing your art rather than just dealing with all our tedious questions :wink: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I am currently instructing a unit on 2d - 3d workflow and Industry standards. Could you assist me in any approaches you my follow i.e. documentation from concept through submiting finals? I know its alot, but most folks are tight lipped about workflow if its working, and your finished piece my friend is worthy as a good example of quality. Either way nice work!

It’s really cool … Thanks

Is the Zbrush community going to be part of this one? Or just leaving it up to the bigger forums? :expressionless: I would rather do it here than CGtalk, personally. :slight_smile:


Hi aurick,
That pics looks really cools.
I try to visit the site but it is under construction I think so.
I want some pics to make my desktop wallpaper.