Dominance War 3 - Valefor

Hey all I figured i’d post my dominance war 3 post on here. Hope you all like it!








Cool stuff.
I love the whole “biped centaur walking on its knuckles” thing!

The only problem is that it isn’t obvious from the front. It wasn’t until I looked at the back angle that I realized those were hands.

Really Cool Creature! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

congrats on such a fine model! this is a really great creature. such originality

this is a great sculpt. I love the concept. looks very original. top row maybe?? i dont know but you definetly have clout. Id suggest using the clay and inflate brush to give the muscles a more realistic look. keep up the great work

I’ve seen a lot of these Dominance War 3 characters/creatures and I have to say I’m consistently blown away by the quality. This is one of my favorites so far. Comparing the final product to the concept however, I see that something was lost in translation. It seems the muscles in the concept are a bit more sinous (sp?). I’m nit-picking of course. Overall, great job!

great interpretation of one of the great Dukes of Hell. nice job.

Hey guys glad you like it!
Poda: i can see what you are saying but i think something like this would be pretty clear once its animated.
piz / mdale13: thanks guys :lol: nerveink: i actually use those 2 brushes the most when i sculpt. The majority of my sculpting is done with inflate. I’ll put together a closer shot of the sculpt with red wax, maybe its just a distance / shader thing.
jseverson: thanks I appreciate. I was playing around with that alot actually and ended up pushing some of the muscles too far and they ended up looking wrong so i toned some of it down. I’ll definatly keep that in mind though for my next project.
Neuroticgothguy: hey thanks its cool you know the history of this character :wink: