Dominance War 3 - Fallen Knight

I’ll be doing a bit of zbrushing for this competition, I thought i’d post some progress.




nice work man. i personally like the first version much better tho.

i like the facial details alot! looking very nice!
keep up the good work, cant wait to see it completed.

that horn looks impressive, especially the first one :+1:

btw, good luck to you!


Some body work.

I love the detailing. Are you going to keep most of it on the one side or is this just in more of a WIP stage?


Here’s my concept:


I want to keep it to one side. The gauntlet on his right arm is consuming him slowely



I think that’s probably a good idea. Makes for a more interesting design. I wouldn’t completely eliminate all vascularity from the other side though, he is a very muscular guy.

fantastic concept. Im very interested in how you will be doing the armour. Any chance you can post up shots of that when you get started?

WoW this is very good can you explain how you did the armour

Really cool! Can’t wait to see the finished piece! :+1:

Thanks for the kind words everybody.

Explodingshells: i’ll definately post some more. I’m not sure how i want to go about the armor, I’d like to do some zbrush work on it but i might just reinforce the low res with loop splits and add bump detail through photoshop. I’ll try both and see which looks better.

Finiti: the armor’s polygon low res geometry right now. Made by old fashion vert pushin in maya.

looks cool but i think you shoud do somthing about the horn thing on the head