Does the title sound interesting if you read it while eating a banana ...or any fruit?

Hi Everybody, this is my first post so i won’t charge you… for now.
Very happy to join ZBC after years of watching some serious awesomeness !!

I wanted to make a great start by sharing with you the recipe for “la soupe de potiron” but instead i’ll be super boring and give you the link for the latest video on my YouTube channel.

For now i’m just showing short sessions of “improvisations”, but i will post more “serious” work soon…that’s the plan anyway.
Precision: this is Zbrush Core material, not the Adult version.

I’ll stay short for this introduction and leave you with the link below.
If you have any question my secretary is near the pool…of course.


Thanks for sharing the video @Spatule.du.Futur, I enjoyed seeing you work in that recording. Great 3D sketch. Hope to see more of your experiments, it looks fluid and creative :clap: Keep going!

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nice rocky hard surface stuff going on there.
interesting stuff ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @JAIME and @PIXO_DAISUKE !
What i love about these quick sessions is that i learned new tricks while i was doing them.
ZBrush Core’s limitations forces you to have more than one “Plan B”.

Loving everything going on here! Welcome officially to the community!

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@KyleJ39 Thanks ! Glad to be here !