Does exists a way to convert zbrush brushes to ZbrushCore 2021?

Found some free zbrush brushes on the Internet, but are not compatible with ZbrushCore 2021. Does exists a way - some tool - to convert them to work in ZbrushCore 2021? My budget does not allows me to upgrade to Zbrush itself. Thanks

I don’t know of any converter existing, and I think that it is unlikely that one could. There are lots of brush options in ZBrush that ZBrush Core does not have at all.
If they are fairly simple alpha based then possibly something close could be made, but if they are making a lot of use of ZBrush’s brush settings then Core does not have anywhere nearly as many controls to do the things that full fat ZBrush allows, so probably not. Can you link to the brushes so people can see if they can be re-created in Core?