Dodoria Sculpt

I was OBSESSED with Dragonball Z in the early 2000s. Surprisingly, I haven’t made much fan art of the series, but when I spotted an absolutely MIND BLOWING character redesign of Dodoria on Instagram, I had to fire up Zbrush and make 3D version.⁠

Big thanks to @davidgarrido.ink for the inspiration, and for absolutely killing it with your DBZ artwork series on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/davidgarrido.ink

And another big thanks to Paul Deasy for his inspiring Zbrush Masters session, where I picked up a few tips and tricks that made this sculpt possible!


Cool, looks like DragonBall meets Space Jam…which sounds like a great movie to me.

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Thats all I could think when I was sculpting this guy :joy:

That’s what you can call a happy camper, nice sculpt @GaryMcAllister :smiley:

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Thanks Jamie! Yeah, he’s pretty pleased with himself :joy: