Dodo Bird - Cartoon Dodo wip

Ok so this is going to be my interpretation of the Dodo Bird.

-Started with a DynaMesh, blocked out the shape from a sphere.
sorry this is not an image of the dynamesh model :frowning:

-Next step was to retopo with Qremesher. (Using Curve guides to map out the rough topology flow)

And finally polygrouped to separate the various elements of the character. to make it much easier to manage later on (a lot of ppl fail to do this early on:rolleyes:, but i find it very helpful when trying to manage the topological flow)

more to come :slight_smile:


ZBrush Document.jpg

dodo polygrouped.jpg


Had some time to start adding details used the crease functions and polygroups (from earlier) to develop the beak. And used the clay brushes along with smooth to develop the bird body with some very basic folds and rough flow definition.
Here is Image one jus a simple Bpr:

Second is just a ‘best’ render of multiple angles so you can see the whole picture


Great update! Keep rocking!

I’ll have a new update ready in the next 24hrs or so :wink: trying to get my head round the flow of plumage and flight feathers so I can relate them to my dodo’s character design and personality. I’m thinking that the flight feathers need to be only for show as this dodo is definitely flightless. Which leaves me with only the one question; how to go about doing the plumage, the main body feathers, so I’m thinking it has to be fibermesh, mixing the three techniques I currently understand which is fine fibers, micomesh and fiber Textures :slight_smile:
This is gonna be fun,

So i kno i said 24hrs till the next update abt a week ago but i spose better late than never lol, so here is a little update, been crazy busy so only had a little bit of time 2day to work on the fibermesh, starting to get the look im after. Still needs a lot of work, going to go for white and purple or white and green for the fine all-over fibers not sure how well that is going to work. Dodo Fibermesh consists of 3 individual fibermesh’s at the moment, i have planned out for it to have about 6-9 depending on how the fine fiber fibermesh works out :smiley:

Not rendered

Quick Bpr Render