Document Menu is Missing Options

Looking at the online documentation, there should be a number of other items on the document menu. For example, there is supposed to be a "New Document " button. Why does my menu not match the photo in the documentation?

It is a new install. I have not changed anything.



your ZBrushCore 2021.1.2 is not the latest version.

Please have a look to the posting below about the latest ZBrushCore version and how you can install it

Also, remember that ZBrushCore has fewer features than ZBrush.

If you are viewing documentation for ZBrush, the screen shots will not match ZBrushCore. All of the features in ZBrushCore are in ZBrush, but there will be sub-palettes and buttons in the screen shots that don’t exist in ZBrushCore.

Thanks for the advise

Are you staff? (It says “pixelogic” by your name).

How do I create a new document? Is there another way (other than the “New Document” button)?

ZBrushCore has just one document. You can’t create a new one. Basically, it is in Edit mode all the time.

What you need to do instead of creating a new document is to simply start a new Tool. Select a base model in the Tool palette and then just go to town. Or select from one of the available projects in LightBox.

Thank you.