Doberman bust: first completed ZBrush artwork

This was a gift for a family member: portrait of a beloved friend who passed away last year.

One of my first sculpts & polypaints in ZBrush from when I started learning last year.

Because I wanted to export it for rendering, I also had to figure out ZRemeshing, decimating, UVing, reprojecting, etc. I’m new to 3D in general so it was a struggle! This project’s folder contains a hilarious # of ZPRs and ZTLs because I had no clue how anything worked. :joy:

The sculpt above had all those fur details, but I’d given up on figuring out how to get them back into the final mesh: ran out of time, patience, everything.

One of those projects you think will be a fun & easy learning experience, but then you get tripped up by all these unanticipated roadblocks.

I’m less confused by the process nowadays, but still not my favorite — I’d be more than content to have an AI do it for me. :sweat_smile: