Do you have a favorite tear jerker movie?

Just curious…

I am 99 percent a blood and guts kinda guy, but occasionally I am roped into another genre…and that one percent always seems to be the tear jerking type…grrrr…and there is this one…that everytime I see it, I always boo hoo in the end…isn’t that silly…my Achilles heel is Brokeback Mountain. What is yours?


Any Vin Diesel flick. Must be his acting talent! :wink:



Terminator 2 when he melts in the lava

Hands down: 8 Below. I thought there is simply no movie which would squeeze a tear out of me, but that Disney Flick with the Dogs…
I can’t even watch that a second time. Have two dog’s myself.
Had to mop up the wife from the couch after that movie.

Can’t say I get a tear in my eyes for anyfilm but a few bring a lump to my throat. Namely “Nightwatch” I guesse comes to mind

green mile, what a film. There are maybe one or two but i cant recall.

star trek II wrath of khan
or godzilla 1954/ gmk 2001

oh an king kong 2005 caused a large lump in my throat. :slight_smile:

Magnificent Seven, when they shoot Eli Wallach. My hero!!!

Seriously second Lemonnado, any movie where an animal is hurt
or killed.
Must be assured this will not happen or I will not watch it.
Dances with Wolves ain’t in my permanent collection.

bicc39 thats so funny you say that because i was originally going to say seven samurai, its so horrible when the master samurai is killed by a bullet, ugh. have to agree about the animals, how about that scene in the fly 2 with the dog coming out of the teleporter.

saw another one that stirred me just a bit ago…Kinsey…definitely have to get my own copy of that one…

Yeah animals and little critter movies where bad stuff happens lumps me up too…

Where the Red Fern Grows
Old Yeller
Charlette’s Web…geeez…:cry:

Which one? :slight_smile:

The end of ‘Return of the King’, just after Vigo has been crowned king … and there’s little Liv looking so shy and vulnerable, after all they’ve been through and they kiss and wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Click: The part when Adam Sandler runs after his son to tell him family first bursted my eyes a flowing!

This one:


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you made me look at the pics again… sniff…

What Dreams May Come–with Robin Williams

…beautiful movie…

when i was younger ( alot younger ) it was short ciruit. the robot called johnny-5

Grave of the Fireflies

(Not really a tear jerker… more like rip your heart out and stomp all over it, cry out in anguish through the entire movie.)