Dmitrij Leppée Sketchbook

Learning Subtools - the eyes


I was creating this imaginary snake head, and was just posing the models to shoot a printscreen when zbrush crashed, and I didn’t save the snake so here is all that I’ve been able to save, some 30 minutes of fooling around. I’m still studying, but C&C are much welcome :wink:



Here’s another sketch, nothing serious :wink:


Cool explorations Cherub rock.

I especially dig your slug/crab/insectoid creation at the top of this page. It has a great balance of fleshy and spiny forms.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Means a lot. I dig your work as well :wink:

Here's an update on mouth





Move tool, tweak here and there, and a new character is born, or if you like the chubby one got older :smiley:


Good nightuski.jpg

Here’s Mr. Corgan at a costume party, you can observe as he progresses in a thread of his own (signature - Billy Corgan sculpt)


I’m done with Mr. Corgan for now, you can see how the sculpt progressed in a Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan WIP thread (or by clicking on my signature).

P.S. please, if I’m hogging the bottom row again or doing anything improper, send me a pm, consider me an idiot and explain to me like you would a child :smiley:



Thanks for posting “every” freaking stage of your badly conceived and juvenile modelling excercise. Why would you advertise the fact you are aiming for a likeness and act smug that “you” think you nailed it?. Your a walking target and i cannot resist having a go. Its been realllllly good to watch you post and re post the same freaking image over and over. Especially when you re post and hog the bottom row with a slightly different image that includes a different wacom stroke. I bet we could compile all of the posts you made in the past few days into an animated sequence that would let us all see your terrible sculpt come to life in front of us. (sarcasm…thought I would point it out as you seem to have missed it in every post).

Go away and practice…only post when you have something people other than your mommy would like to see.

You have hogged the bottom row like a stain in a good pair of boxer shorts.

As far as I am concerned, your bad manners and nieve modelling skills now mean you are permanently on ignore.

you think your so good minister art, but theres probably thousands of artists that make your supposedly good models look like boring crud.

that sculpt of the smashing pumpkins singer is excellent, im glad you posted it.

Rouncer, thank you very much, your comment came unexpected and very welcome indeed! :slight_smile:

Just tell him how to disable the images.

I don`t know how to do it, otherwise I would have told him already.

To Cherub, if you want to show different angles/renders of the same item, Compile them into a single big file, this way it`ll display only once.

Fix that, post everything at once in a single post. Only the top one will be shown.

Thanks for your help, I’ll keep that in mind. But I would still like to know how to use an ATN switch, and whether I can delete my own posts and how? If anyone knows, please let me in on it.

they arent that bad, dont worry about it.

Stem study and a quick cerebellum (wip, but I might never finish it so ;))


Here I’ve uploaded a stereo image, the proper way to view it is cross-eyed. With practice you’ll be able to bring the third/middle image that forms in the mind to focus, and it will appear in 3 dimensions, literally protruding through your screen. The idea is that the left eye looks the right stem/brain which is slightly rotated to the right, and right the left rotated to the lef. Beware! Possible headache :slight_smile: P.S. I see it best from a distance of approx one meter (really depends on the model, for some you might have to come very near to your screen), every chink in the model can be brought to focus if your eyes work good. Let me know when you try. If you perfect this technique, you could see how you model would look when printed. Works with animation, drawing, video, photography (2 joined cameras), etc… as well :wink: Also you can construct, or order eyeglasses with mirrors so you don’t have to look crosseyed.





That’s a really interesting idea Cherub. Unfortunately my stupid monitor at work is to small to get the full effect.

BUT I actually really like the creature you have done. Please keep working it up it looks like it has real potential. :smiley:

HaHa, cool brain stem creature, I myself love Brains and creatures made out of them. :+1: Cheers!

Thanks scottleroc! Yeah, I’m using a wide screen monitor, so feel free to shrink the image if you can’t see it whole.

As far as the model goes, it’s really only a study of the brain and it’s parts for my model I’m gonna be using for animation, that I’ve gone crazy with to create something that will protrude enough for an interesting stereoscopic presentation. But since you like it, I might work on it as a character still :wink: