DM rabbits

master modeller Dave Maguire (DM at ZBC, Mikeangelo at renderosity) created this wonderful rabbit in Wings, refined and textured it in zbrush and sent it to me to ask me what i think of it :slight_smile: i loved it right away and placed it into some quickly created grass - hope you will like it!

muchas gracias, Dave!

  • juandel

Well, thanks to both of you Ju-Ju!!
This is really a nice scene you presented here, and a strange synchronicity, since I’m working on the final modelling of ‘Rocket Rabbit’… :smiley:

Great work Dave, and a beautiful landscape for these wonderful rabbits! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Dave Maguire has a Web Site ?
I don’t want research in Google early morning :smiley:
These little Bunny are very cute :cool:

Hi Juandel, very nice ground cover and hair texture. 50.

:+1: :+1: Beauiful image juandel!! i love the softness in all aspects here :smiley: :smiley: Bravo!

You did a great job with that scenery Hansl, I think it has helped the rabbit considerably. As you know I am still unhappy with the texture, even at a size of 2048 it still smudged badly, causing any colour variation I put in the fur to just blur almost into one. I did start with UV tiles but that produced almost the same result, and of course you can’t do any correction work on that, the existing texture is spherical, but I couldn’t make much out of that either when laid out flat. Obviously I am still not very proficient at texturing yet; it looks like I have a lot of hard work to get it really right. Perhaps using the maximum texture size will have to be the answer to it, to get sharp really defined textures, anybody with ideas that has a knack for UV texturing, their ideas will be gratefully received and tried out. The rabbit is fairly low poly, I don’t have a problem texturing high poly models.
Anyway thanks for putting the rabbit in such a splendid scene Hansl, its top class landscaping work, very realistic.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Here’s a tip for texturing this sort of thing. Make a Unified skin out of this object. Then, in the modifiers palette, align the object in the preview window so that it is level horizontally and facing side to side, “nose to tail” so to speak. Then hit Store. In the Modifiers–>Texture pallete, then change the texture to “Planar”. Since the rabbit is symmetrical, this mapping mode is useful. The texture will be applied for both sides of the model, but you only have to texture one side. The drawback to this is that you can’t do a different texture for both sides, but that is not needed here. Good luck and hope this helps. Also, to get the texture high res enough, start with it at a size where the image is sharp, just because it is a low poly model doesn’t mean that it has to be a low res texture. Textures take up considerably less system resources when rendering than do true geometry. Because the pixel information is already there for textures, but has to be generated on the fly for rendering geometry.

Nice quickie image Ju-Ju! Good modeling in wings M.
:slight_smile: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the very useful information ED, I’ll get some work in with your methods, there is no doubt that texture can make or break a low poly model. On high poly models I model in most of the detail, but if I am putting that in a Vue scene for example, then I get problems working with a megabyte heavy scene, and can only just about move the stuff around in it. The solution has to be low poly but with good textures, thanks again for the help.
Hi Pilou, no I don’t have a website, I couldn’t cope with learning HTML to create a website on top of learning graphics. :slight_smile:

Nice total picture Juandel --cool Bunnies Dave…cool cooperation in this scene !
…but I think we should leave them alone–bunnies dont like to do–what bunnies like to do—when folks are watchin’ :smiley: :+1: :+1:

Nice image Hansel :+1: :+1: Great rabbits Dave :+1: :+1: