Djon TuK Where has the Amazing YouTube site gone?

Djon TuK had some of the most amazing Zbrush Zmodeler tutorials available.
Does anyone know what has happened to Djon TuK YouTube site?
All the amazing videos are gone?


I’m just learning ZBrush looking for that as well.

I too am looking for them. They were all very instructive, and inspired, but I had barely scratched the surface looking at them.

Very talented modeling artist. His youtube channel does’nt exist any more. Hope to see his videos up again.

Zbrush hard surface zmodeler Generator Djon TuK best Zmodeler

Great video of Djon TuK Zmodelering at work.

He had a Youtube channel, then he closed, then he opened a new one putting all the videos, but then he closed again, don’t know why.
I was watching his videos only for admiring how skilled he was with with ZModeler.
I hope it wasn’t something serious, but really I miss him and his videos, I had to save them, but I hope he’s fine.