Distance - The Peacock

Distance is a project that I have been concepting for almost two years. I had some design ideas and metaphors in mind and started a visual bible around it.

It might eventually become a movie, or something else. In the meantime I would like to share some of the designs with you guys.

This is The Peacock. A lost soul who lives an apathetic existence with his partner the Sphynx. In their luscious spire, they eternally reproduce the same dispassionate dance.

Most of the concepting for the asset was done in Zbrush, while ultimately retopoed in Maya. The final mask and concrete parts where also done in Zbrush, using baked displacement for details.




very cool, thank you for posting all of these images.

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Carpet textures are amazing

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That’s quite a unique character @Bittergrey, I’m left wanting to see more :+1: Amazing details throughout.

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Thanks Jaime ! There will be more coming : )

Love all the expression you were able to get into the mechanical pieces of the eyes and face! Really nice bronze-y texture too :+1:

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Great work, love all the fantastic details and materials : )

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Fantastic and original! Great work on this piece

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