Disproportionate marriage

Hello, everyone. This is my first work “Disproportionate marriage”. The original painting
author, Vasili Pukirev, I like this painting very much and made it in 3D. All models is sculpt
in ZBrush. The textures is painted with Mari and SP, and finally rendered with Arnold of

I am very grateful to my teacher, Yang Guang, who not only taught me a lot of
professional knowledge, but also learned a lot of life philosophy, which benefited me a lot in my life.


:open_mouth: Whoa! That is stunning. Really beautiful work. :clap::clap::clap:

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Bravo :+1:

The original painting is called “Misalliance”

Stunning work. Remarkable attention to detail, without ever letting those details overpower the scene as a whole.

Beautiful work @Chenjiangtao :+1:

Astonished! :sunglasses:


Awesome work!!!

I am honored to receive your recognition. I will continue to create new works.

I am very honored to get your recognition, I will continue to work hard.

That is stunning! :smile: