Disney Princesses

Because of the pandemic the traditional Christmas parade in Mexico city was done online with a 40 min animation of different toys.
I was tasked with doing the Disney Princesses and they were meant to be as close as possible to the original toys so Zbrush was the main tool to achieve that.
The process was photogrammetry, cleaning the Highpoly, Removing the hair, Retopo, UVs , Look & Dev and Grooming.
There were to versions one in Arnold Render and the other one in Redshift
For the hair initially I did the groom in Fibermesh and exported the curves to Yeti as guides.
Although at the end I created new guides in Yeti
Its going to be a long post so I will only share the process of Moana :smiley:


Curves exported from Fibermesh and used as guides inside Yeti

Fibermesh Groom

Clean Mesh after the Retopo and Projection

HighPoly Mesh

Cleaning the Photogrammetry Mesh


Well, that must have been a cool project to work on :wink: Congrats! Is there a video of the event you can share?

awesome job on these disney princesses oscar!

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :+1:

This is awesome Oscar, nice work man!

Thanks a lot guys! Glad you liked it!
Yes I completely forgot to share the video :smiley: